Research shows that 1 out of 6 Americans uses wearable technology as a tool to track and reach weight loss and fitness goals. There are so many options of fitness trackers available, for every need and activity, however what are the benefits or drawbacks of having one of these devices on your wrist every day? Especially, how does a fitness tracker improve a medically supervised weight loss program?

Below, you will find the pros and cons of fitness trackers and weight loss, if you have any questions contact us to discuss weight loss programs or undergo a free weight loss consultation.

The first benefit of a fitness tracker as it relates to an Orland Park, IL weight loss program is having an accurate, visual representation of our activity. Many people grossly overestimate their activity throughout the day. For example, a moderately sedentary woman might estimate her activity to be 10,000 steps a day. According to a fitness tracker, she only averages 1,000 steps a day which is a huge difference in caloric and activity level. Weight loss is all about accurate tracking, and having a measurement of your fitness activity only helps you be more precise with your diet.

However, the caloric burn on a fitness tracker may not be accurate for everybody. The caloric burn is a number derived by measuring the BMR (basal metabolic rate) which accounts for the height, weight, and gender of the person. However, a fitness tracker may be as much as 200 calories off when it comes to estimating an individual’s caloric burn. This happens when external factors such as hormones and metabolism are not taken into account.

One of the best benefits of the fitness tracker is the amount of motivation it provides for the user. There are many local Orland Park, IL communities that have sprouted around wearable tech. A user can join and interact with a supportive community that has similar fitness and weight loss goals. Also, many apps and trackers have badges and awards for completing levels and steps which adds to the sense of accomplishment. When you are on the weight loss journey, know that you are not alone with the help of your Orland Park, IL weight loss center and your wearable fitness tracker.

Another drawback of wearable tech is the accuracy of the steps and distance. Research has found that testing three different fitness trackers will yield three different sets of results. Therefore, as part of your fitness goal you have to be mindful of your fitness tracker’s sensitivity and accuracy. Having an accurate measurement of your distances and steps daily will be instrumental in shaping your weight loss program with our Orland Park weight loss clinic.

Finally, a fitness tracker like any piece of technology is not perfect. It has been benefits and drawbacks, as good as it is for motivation it may not be as accurate in measuring steps. However, having a fitness tracker keeps the user accountable on their weight loss program, just like working diligently with a weight loss doctor in Orland Park, IL.