Everyone has a different morning routine when they wake up. Some people prefer to wake up early and start their day by watching tv, having a cup of coffee, or reading the newspaper. On the other hand, you have some that wake up just in the nick of time to shower and head off to work.

No matter which approach you take in the morning, there is one thing that each of these routines should include – breakfast. It’s been said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and for good reason! There are plenty of benefits that are offered when you eat breakfast and skipping out could be a big mistake.

5 Benefits of Eating Breakfast

  • Provide Nourishment

The first, and sometimes most obvious benefit of eating breakfast, is that it provides you with the nutrients required to start your day. If you start your day off with healthy breakfast foods, like protein, low-fat yogurt, eggs, or fruits, then you will be fueling your body with the necessary nutrients it takes for you to wake up and get moving!

  • Increase Energy

A lot of times, people miss out on breakfast because they don’t think they have the time or energy to make it, but this often backfires. When you don’t eat breakfast, you can become more tired as the day goes on because you haven’t properly fueled yourself. Wake up and use the few extra minutes it takes to make and eat breakfast. You will probably notice that your energy increases, and you won’t be as groggy in the morning as you usually are.

  • Aids in Weight Management

Eating breakfast alone won’t help you lose weight, but it can be beneficial to improve your relationship with food. Think about this – if you eat dinner around 7 p.m., then don’t eat again until lunchtime the next day, you’ve gone almost 13-14 hours without any food!

This can cause you to overeat at lunchtime because your body is starving for nutrients. It also helps reduce snacking on unhealthy foods throughout the day. If you get hungry at work or on the go, usually there are easy, quick options like donuts, coffee, or other unhealthy “quick-fixes”.

  • Better Mood

As we mentioned before, on of the benefits of eating breakfast is increased energy, and when you have more energy, the better chance of you being in a better mood! I’m sure you’ve heard the term “hangry” before, when someone is acting upset or angry because they are hungry. Eating breakfast can help alleviate this “hangry” feeling. By giving your body the nutrients it needs to get moving, you’ll be left feeling full and not starving by the time lunch arrives.

  • Offers Family Time

Breakfast offers families the opportunity to get together, talk about their plans for the day, and anything else they find important. If everyone takes time out of their busy schedule to have a family breakfast, you can feel closer and more connected with your loved ones. Family time can be hard to come by, so taking advantage of every minute is extremely important. While this benefit doesn’t apply directly to your physical health, it can have a lot of benefits for you and your family’s mental health.

Next time you plan on skipping out at breakfast, we hope that you reconsider. Breakfast has so many great benefits, even more than we have listed above, and can really help change the outlook on your day. If you are looking to be healthier both physically and mentally, start your day off right with a delicious breakfast meal.

If you find yourself struggling with being healthier and losing weight, then reaching out for a free consultation to one of our weight loss clinics may be an option for you. We offer many different programs, and even one-on-one counseling that provides you a coach in your journey to becoming healthier.