When enduring a weight loss journey, we put in a lot of effort into eating healthy and exercising. After a rigorous workout, it’s the best feeling to be drenched in sweat and has a quick heart rate. Being sweaty gives you a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment.


What is sweating?

Sweating is your body’s natural response to exertion. Your body has to work hard to cool down, so, the salty liquid that comes from your pores is ultimately what it is.

Before you sit in a sauna or zip up a sweatsuit, learn whether sweating is a factor in weight loss. So, is it fact or foe that sweating can help you lose weight?


The Truth About Sweating

When you have a “good” workout, you think of a red face, a fast heart rate and you’re dripping in your own sweat. But is how much you perspire a true indication of how much weight you are losing? The answer is no. Sweating doesn’t burn fat, but it is a sign of the internal cooling process that you are burning calories. Sweating is more of a byproduct of exertion, which leads to weight loss.

You may lose water weight sweating, but that’s temporary. After a heavy workout, you need to be replenishing your body with fluids. Being hydrated will actually help you lose weight, so make sure you are guzzling down that water!


Why Do Some People Sweat More than Others?

Remember, everyone’s body is different. This goes for how diets affect you, how quick or slow you lose weight, and how much you sweat. Some people have more sweat glands than others, just because someone sweats more than you does not mean they are on track to lose more weight than you.

Hydration can also play a role, if you are full of water and in pretty good shape, you will likely sweat with moderate exercise.


The Truth Hurts

The answer is no, sweat volume does not indicate how much weight you are losing, how fit you are, or how many calories you’re going to burn. It does help you lose water weight though!

A great, sweaty workout can help you feel better mentally and help you get glowing skin (after you wash it of course). Exercise is important for your weight loss journey, so work hard for that weight loss! But, don’t rely on how much sweat your perspiring.

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