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Dell lost 33.4lbs with
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Dell’s Story

My Options journey began about 2016, I first heard about the program when I lived near a center in the city, and I knew it was for me. I wasn’t ready yet, but I knew that was the type of program and structure that would help me get to the goals that I really needed to see.

The thing that made me really want to pick up the phone was visiting with my eight-year niece. We’d go and visit my mom, and my niece just wanted to do so much. We’d go sit down, and I knew that once I sat, I wouldn’t move until it was time to go home. It was a chore to get up, sit back down and move about. Nobody else noticed, but I’d stay planted in that seat. My niece wanted to go swim and other physical activities, and I had to admit to myself that I couldn’t do it. It was hard for me to do these activities, and that made me think how I want to change this. I used to be a lot more active when I was younger. At a certain point that changed, but I knew that this didn’t have to be my individual experience. That visit with her helped me to see all the things I couldn’t do physically, and I just didn’t want that to be the case anymore.

I love my Options team because they are so attentive to my needs. They know me as a person, not just as a patient. They know what works best for me, the type of things that are an obstacle for me, and they know how to just listen. If I feel like I have questions, they make themselves available outside of when the clinic is open or reach out to check in. They help you to get over the fear that you can’t do it. I remember starting out feeling like, “This is something I can’t do, there’s no way I’ll be able to stay with the structured plan,”. They’d always support me by saying, “Trust me, trust me, you can do this,” and that was just the cheering that I needed in the background.

Options has changed my life in that I no longer look at food options as limitations, I look at it as opportunities to be creative. It’s no longer what I can’t have, it’s what I can have. There are so many, excuse the cliché, options available to me now. I didn’t see it like that before, but once I started to see the results, the foods that used to really cry out for me, brought no enticement for me. It just helped me to reset my outlook on things that I wanted to change about myself

Dell Testimonial

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