Not only does excessive weight impact your self-confidence negatively, but it can also drastically impact your health and wellness. Various medical issues like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, arthritis, liver disease, strokes, and even some types of cancer can all be a result of being overweight. Of course, just knowing and understanding that you need to lose weight doesn’t magically melt those pounds away.

Weight loss needs to be a process that you take into your hands and make it your goal. Eating healthy and starting to exercise might seem easy, but the reality is it can be a very difficult and discouraging process. When those diets don’t have the results you need, or the intense exercises don’t give you the satisfaction you need, it can be easy to give up.

It’s easy to feel like you’re failing at weight loss when your plan isn’t working. But it’s likely not your fault at all, but the plan itself. Commercial weight-loss plans can yield some results, but the reality is they are built as a one size fits all program. They can help kick start the weight loss process, but in time they will not help you achieve all of your goals. This is simply because you are a unique individual who has specific needs. Many weight loss programs are a blanket solution for everyone, but they don’t tackle what your individual body goal is, what underlying issues you may have, or what health restrictions you may struggle with. This means you need a custom weight loss plan that flows with the changes in your lifestyle and body.

Here at Options Medical Weight Loss in Park Ridge IL, we are here to create that plan that you need to lose weight and gain confidence again. We build a weight loss program for each new client based on their goals, medical history, lifestyle, and other contributing factors. Learning about yourself and what you need and targeting those issues can open the door to the goals you have been chasing.

The benefits of a medical weight loss program

Medical weight loss takes a clinical approach to your goals. It combines nutrition plans, exercises that fit your needs, counseling, and more to target each concern and goal you may have. The process starts with diagnostic testing and lab work to find any nutritional deficiencies that might be causing your cravings and setbacks. If your problem is nutrition-based, you can try all the trendy Instagram diets, but you’ll never be able to shake your cravings because they come from a place rooted in vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Following the diagnostic testing, a comprehensive bio-metabolic analysis is conducted to determine how your body burns calories. This is so your plan can be truly customized for you.

Next, you will receive counseling to understand if your overeating is rooted in emotional motivation. This counseling can also reveal other issues like depression, anxiety, and mood instability that can contribute to weight loss failures. During your office visits, you’ll also be asked to give a rundown on your lifestyle and habits so your plans can be centered on your schedule and your preferences.

In addition, if you are still struggling with achieving your goals, we can recommend medications to help manage any cravings and hunger sensations. This will help you lose those extra pounds and begin to see better results from your hard work. Throughout your journey, you’ll have the medical and emotional support to assist you in staying on target and celebrate every step you make towards a healthier lifestyle.

Learn how a medical weight loss program can work for you

Taking that step to losing weight is one of the smartest decisions you can make towards a longer and healthier life. In short, medical weight loss programs are focused on your unique needs and goals, which means they’re designed for success right from the start. Contact us today to find out more, or to set up your first appointment towards a healthier you.