It’s no secret 2020 has been a year of adjustments. With Covid-19 upon us, our daily lives have changed tremendously. Regardless of the changes, that doesn’t mean you quit working on your fitness goals. It’s crucial we stick to our healthy lifestyles and continue to boost our physical and mental health.

Fitness at a distance

What is fitness at a distance? Well, it’s continuing to be active and healthy while still maintaining the guidelines and rules the CDC has enforced.

How do I work out and keep my distance?

Workout at home: Thanks to YouTube and other sources of videos and streaming, there are loads of at home, workout videos. The videos range from doing cardio, using your bodyweight as weights and even doing yoga. This can also help with consistency when staying active.

Gym Regulations: Gyms have opened again and have rules to make sure people are being safe. They range from enforcing face masks, cleaning all of the equipment and implementing social distancing.

The Great Outdoors: This is also a great time to get fresh air and work out outside. The heat will produce more sweat and you will ultimately burn more calories.


Simplicity is key. We know working out is great for our physical and mental health, but we all have busy lives. So, Glenview, IL  says keep staying active as simple as you can. Your exercise should feel doable and you should feel excited to workout.

Although working out is at a distance, there are many positives to it. Options Medical Weight Loss says continue working out and staying healthy during these hard times.