1. Don’t skip meals and snacks all day to “save up” for dinner. 

Skipping meals and snacks tend to lead to over-eating at dinner, making you feel sick with an overstuffed belly. Sticking to a regular eating schedule will continue to boost your metabolism and keep you feeling satisfied throughout the day, so you don’t have to worry about unwanted weight gain.

2. Eat lightly throughout the day. 

Try to stick to your normal daily routine. Wake up and eat a protein-packed breakfast, have a mid-morning snack, lunch, and a light snack before dinner. Consistency is key to weight loss and will help with maintaining balanced meals.

3. Mindfully move

If you’re currently working out, continue with your normal routine for the day or challenge yourself by signing up for a Thanksgiving themed workout/walk/run. If not, you can always get up and shake it out! Have an at-home dance party, encourage friends/family to go on a holiday post-dinner walk, or help with cleaning and picking up empty dishes from the table to get more steps into your day.

4. Prepare a dish and bring it to dinner. 

Bring your own Options-diet approved dish to Thanksgiving dinner so that you can have more control over your food choices. Some ideas may include roasting a mixed veggie dish to pair with turkey or make a healthy grain bowl with quinoa, sautéed vegetables, and your choice of protein.

5. Skip the sweets, but if you must…

Try to stick to a cup of fresh fruit for dessert or avoid sweets all together. We get it though, it’s the holidays and if you can’t say no then there are ways to make sure you don’t over-do it. Choose one favorite dessert that is so special you only get it once a year and have a small slice/sliver/half a serving. By allowing yourself to have a little bit you won’t feel restricted and binge later. Just a taste though!

6. Fill up on water.

Stick to your water goal to stay hydrated and replace other caloric beverages with a full glass of water. Drinking enough water will help curb your appetite and help to flush out excess sodium and toxins so you don’t carry water weight the next day.

7 .When you’re finished eating, clear your plate.

To avoid reaching for seconds, or thirds, crumple your napkin over your plate so you physically cannot add any more food. You can also clear your plate from the table and sit with a cup of hot tea or coffee while indulging in conversation with loved ones!

8. Remember to be thankful!

Most importantly, remember to be thankful for yourself and others! Thank yourself for choosing health, for committing to bettering yourself, for the friends and family you have, and more! Say these words out loud, take a moment to breathe, and enjoy the holiday!