Surf the internet for a few minutes and you’ll find a slew of trendy diets claiming to be the end-all-be-all of weight loss solutions. Well, trust the internet at your own risk, but we’d prefer to take a more scientific approach.

The Options Diet System™ is safe, rooted in science, and doesn’t require a medical prescription to get started. Our system gives you the tools you need to lose weight fast and keep it off for a lifetime. No matter how much weight you’re trying to lose, the Options Diet System is a highly effective solution. So… what exactly is it?

Options Diet System by Options Medical Weight Loss

The Options Diet System is our patented, one-of-a-kind weight loss program that helps people lose weight without the use of medication. It’s safe, effective for men and women, and well-suited for people who are living with a controlled pre-existing medical condition such as: diabetes, high blood pressure, menopause, thyroid conditions, or a slowing metabolism.

Our system is ideal for people who want to lose weight without prescription medication but could use a little something to jumpstart an improvement to their quality of life. The system uses a phased nutritional plan that is tailored to your needs and goals. With less focus on activity, the diet plan is medically supervised to make sure you’re getting the results you need in a safe manner.

Options Diet System’s Three Phases

  • Phase I

Phase I of this medically supervised weight loss plan centers around ensuring your body can acclimate to regular amounts of healthy food. In this phase, you will begin seeing weight loss.

  • Phase II

Phase II of the diet plan focuses on eating healthier carbs and starches while also maintaining the weight loss. If you have been following phase I and have reached a level of stability, our medical weight loss doctor will gradually add carbs back to your diet while also making sure you continue to lose weight. In this phase, we will also begin teaching you about managing your diet on your own.

  • Phase III

If you have reached phase III, congratulations! This means you have worked hard and are reaching a healthy weight. Phase III revolves around maintenance of these new healthy habits. Now that you have all the tools and knowledge you need to succeed, you can feel confident you can maintain your new weight long term.

Each one of the three phases of the Options Diet System is managed by one of our local certified weight loss counselors. Your counselor works with you one-on-one to offer support, individual weight loss counseling sessions, and help you crash through traditional barriers that limit success.

Weight Loss Technology

The Options Diet System isn’t all about nutrition either. We also use medical weight loss technology to manage fat loss and metabolic metrics. Our InBody technology provides a comprehensive view of body composition balance, including body water, proteins, minerals, and body fat. Each of these components closely relate to the status of your overall health.

Combining our patented nutrition plan and technology provides a full, integrated system that can help you achieve your weight loss goals. If you want to hear more, contact your local Options clinic today.