The choice to lose weight and eventual medical weight loss journey can be a highly emotional process that is sparked by a number of different factors. A common goal for most people who contact us to discuss our Gilbert, AZ medically supervised weight loss program is an improved appearance. Each pound lost is a personal victory, the rush of compliments and the excitement of fitting into “skinny” jeans both serve as evidence of successful weight loss. While there are societal perks that come along with an improved appearance, aesthetics should not be the only reason to opt into a medical weight loss plan. Once an individual commits to a medically supervised weight loss program, transformative medical, mental health, and monetary benefits also occur that improve the overall quality of life.

When it comes to health gains from a Chandler, AZ weight loss program, results can be seen even from small changes on the scale with improvements in:

  • Blood pressure
  • Cholesterol
  • Diabetes
  • Blood sugar
  • Heart health.

Furthermore, consistent medically supervised weight loss helps an individual lose the dangerous kind of fat which is invisible to the eye. There are two ways that fat can be stored in the body, subcutaneous fat is stored under the skin and visceral fat is concentrated around the abdomen. Visceral fat promotes diseases such as:

  • Diabetes
  • Liver cirrhosis
  • Cancer
  • Heart disease.

A reduction in overall fat decreases visceral fat therefore reducing the risk for serious health problems and improving the function of hormones in the body.

Another tangible benefit of reaching a healthy weight is that it will help to restore the body to balance including the sensitive hormone system which regulates mood. While a reduced waistline is understandably exciting, Chandler, AZ medically supervised weight loss will boost overall well-being and alleviate the symptoms associated with depression. Scientific research has shown that a successful weight loss program leads to better sleep quality and decreased restlessness. Sleep serves as proper nutrition to the brain and lack of sleep increases the hormone associated with hunger, making an individual less likely to stick to a weight loss program.

If the listed health benefits, improved mood and better sleep are not compelling reasons enough to speak to a Chandler, AZ weight loss doctor, losing weight is a way to save money. Research out of John Hopkins found that obese and overweight adults experience higher lifetime medical expenses due to complications associated with weight, and productivity while at work. People who maintain a healthy weight are perceived to be more confident therefore losing weight increases an individual’s chances of getting a better job and a promotion at work.

There are incredible and powerful benefits to opting into a medically supervised weight loss program. As an image driven society, the success of weight loss is often wrapped up in physical appearance. However, a deeper look at the transformative benefits of losing weight reveals multiple positive factors. One medical benefit of a successful weight loss plan is the reduction in harm causing visceral fat. There is also the risk of potentially lethal diseases such as cancer and heart disease, both of which become less likely to occur when an individual goes from an obese to an overweight category in weight. Another advantage of weight loss is an improved mood, cognition and sleep. A healthy weight promotes vitality and saves money for the individual in health care and employment productivity.  All are tremendous benefits that contribute to the health and well-being of an individual in the long term.