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The decision to lose weight is tough. From how to accomplish weight loss to how to keep the weight off after you achieve a weight loss goal, you need medical supervision. That is why Options Medical Weight Loss™ has opened convenient weight loss clinics in areas closer to where people live. In fact, there is an Options Medical Weight Loss™ located in your back yard in Chandler, AZ. This medical weight loss clinic is also a speedy drive for people interested in medically supervised weight loss living in:


Patients who make the choice to lose weight with our Chandler, AZ Options Medical Weight Loss™ clinic will be provided a personalized weight loss plan. The weight loss medical professionals in our clinic understand that each person is unique and each journey toward weight loss is different, which is why we offer comprehensive plans that can be customized to fit a particular lifestyle. The medically supervised plans offered include everything from the wildly successful hCG Diet to a modified ketogenic diet. Each weight loss plan is completely supervised by well-qualified medical professionals, which means that our plans help patients achieve the safe weight loss that is their goal.

In addition to medically supervised weight loss plans, our weight loss clinic in Chandler is able to offer safe medical-grade products to aid the weight loss process. Weight loss medications and appetite suppressants offered by this weight loss clinic include:

Phentermine for weight loss
hCG injections to pair with the hCG Diet
Lipotropic fat burning injections
B12 injections.

Chandler, AZ residents who want a flexible medically supervised diet plan should consider Options Medical Weight Loss™. Regardless of the diet plan that you want to choose, you will meet with a member of the Chandler team to decide which plan is best for you and your lifestyle. Losing weight under medical supervision, is the best choice for any patient to achieve weight loss goals in a way that will fit his or her life.

Stop waiting to start your weight loss journey. Start to get healthy today. Health and a better life are waiting for you at your Chandler Options Medical Weight Loss™. No matter if you want to start the hCG Diet or you have questions about our modified ketogenic diet, we offer the medical help you want. Call for your free medical weight loss consultation today!

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Call us at 1-480-562-3998 or email us!

Call us at 1-480-562-3998 or email us!