It’s that time of year! Crazy schedules, nonstop parties and events, and just general stress. You guessed it, it’s the holiday season. And with this season comes the worry that you’ll lose your healthy weight loss streak amidst all of the feasts and parties. One of the worst problems people have when traveling or adjusting schedules for the holidays is keeping up with a regular workout schedule to help aid a Chicago, IL medically supervised weight loss program. Not to worry, with some planning and motivation you can keep weight loss on track! Here are 10 ways on how to keep active and on track during your holiday festivities outside of the Chicagoland area:

The early bird gets the worm! Research shows that those who wake up early and workout in the morning have an easier time maintaining a steady routine and healthy weight, as well as sleeping better at night.

Come prepared! A good excuse is always that luggage while traveling is too small for any workout gear and healthy diet system food choices. In the long run, however it’s better to just get a bigger bag and attempt to workout and follow your medically supervised weight loss program on your vacation than to try and bounce back afterwards. Packing your own gear motivates you.

Plan it out. Setting up a plan and schedule for exercise and following your South Loop medically supervised weight loss program helps you keep track during the holiday rush. Planning ensures that you’ll make time for yourself. Signing up for classes or putting it in your calendar makes it easier to stay on track.

Think outside the box. We can’t all get to or afford the gym on a holiday trip. So what now? Not to worry, it’s easier than you think. You don’t need all sorts of machines or equipment, just an activity that makes you move. Going shopping at the mall, walking, running, decorating your house, and taking walks with the family through the Christmas decorated neighborhood. All of these keep you on your feet and burning calories in your pursuit of weight loss.

Kitchen workouts. The holidays mean a lot of cooking and baking. So while you’re in the kitchen waiting for the meal recommended by the professionals from our Chicago weight loss clinic to cook, it’s easy to apply some simple workouts that can help you lose weight. Counter push ups, heel lifts, squats, and stretches can make a big difference.

Get creative! It doesn’t have to be those cookie cutter workouts recommended online weight loss websites. The professionals from our weight loss center often suggest going bowling, dancing, hiking and more as fun ways to keep the calories burned.

Skip the elevator. Taking the steps at the local mall or in your office building instead of the elevator is a good easy way to promote holiday weight loss on your medically supervised weight loss program.

Marathon runs. There’s always a charity event of some sort this time of year that benefit others and you! Fun runs or walks are easy to participate in while also helping others.

Holiday weight loss competition. Anyone else in your family trying to keep fit? Well with smart phones and other technology now a days you can challenge them, even though you are following a weight loss program. See who can take the most steps or burn the most calories. Not only will you motivate each other to keep going, but you’ll have fun at the same time.

The internet is your friend. The internet is full of easy 1- or 20 minute workouts that you can do to support your weight loss plan while you are away from home. An easy way to shake it up is by choosing one or two out of a wide selection of workouts to do every day.

With these tips and tricks from our Chicago, IL weight loss clinic, you can have a fun fit fit holiday!