We live in a time of high stress and anxiety, and this can cause us to turn to unhealthy coping mechanisms. One of these coping mechanisms is food, and it’s common amongst most people. So when you get hit with these cravings and urges to eat food we shouldn’t, what’s the best way to resist?


By procrastinating the act of giving into your craving, you can find it easier to say no later down the road. A craving may feel like it lasts forever, however a craving on average only lasts about 25 to 30 minutes. So by procrastinating 5 minutes at a time you can keep putting it off until it goes away.


While you are putting off acting upon your craving, consider diverting your attention to something positive. The reason we crave those unhealthy foods is because it relaxes our body and makes us feel happy. In order to avoid eating these unhealthy foods, it’s good to divert your attention towards something that can bring the same positive reaction. Running, watching TV, calling a friend, etc. are all good ways to avoid snacking.


Distancing yourself from food as you’re following the previous steps takes pressure off of you. When you’re close to the kitchen or the pantry it’s easy to say “oh I’ll just grab a quick snack”. Avoiding places in the house where food is stored will make things easier to say no.


When you feel your strength wavering, remind yourself as to why you don’t want to give in. Weight loss and fitness is a healthy lifestyle, but it’s the hardest to maintain. Reminding ourselves of the long term effects of snacking and binging helps keep us on track.


If you find yourself giving into your cravings, first of all don’t beat yourself up or feel bad. It is okay to slip up every once in a while. The best way to manage this decision is by choosing how much you’ll snack on, whether you’ll savor the snack or just eat it quickly, and whether you’ll settle in a comforting place or eat it while hiding. It may seem silly, but these decisions will help you bounce back and avoid building a bad habit.

Emotional triggers cause snacking and binging in a lot of people, so don’t feel guilty or bad. The best way to manage this is by taking extra measures to avoid starting a bad habit or long term effects.