Emotional eating is common in everybody. Somehow we all find comfort in food. So what is the best way to manage these triggers?

The first step you can take is delaying your response to this craving. Many times cravings only last about 25 to 30 minutes. This means if you work on delaying your response by just 5 minutes at a time, your craving can disappear before you know it.

The next step is giving yourself something to do while you are delaying your response. By distracting yourself with an activity that brings a similar stress relief, then you can forget about your craving without too much frustration.

While you’re delaying and distracting, avoiding rooms in the house where food is stored can also help you resist giving into your urge. Creating that distance between yourself and the food allows you to clear your mind and focus on something else.

Now as you’re pushing to resist this craving, it could become difficult to keep your eye on the prize. The best way to stay focused is by reminding yourself why you’re working so hard to stay healthy and fit.

If you find yourself giving into your craving, it’s okay. Don’t beat yourself up for it, or feel guilty. Everyone does it, and we’re all in this together. The best way to curb the effects of giving into your craving is by making a few easy choices. Only eating a half portion, slowing down and savoring each bite, and settling into a peaceful mindset while you snack. These decisions can help you avoid starting a bad habit, and create longer time periods between each craving.

You’re not alone in this battle. All of us struggle with this at one point. Don’t worry, you’ll grow past it. With determination to stay healthy and fit, you can stunt your cravings before they even start.