Total Weight Loss: 144 lbs in 5 months

My name is Christopher Strefner. I am 41 years old. I have a career as a technical specialist dealing with high end audio systems.  Like many people, I started to gain weight shortly after high school. So, for the majority of my life I’ve felt overweight. Many measures were taken to overcome these issues. Over the years I’ve tried nearly every fad diet that ever came along. I would have limited and/or temporary success. Somehow, I would quickly fall back into bad habits. I would seem to do well for about the first month or two, but then I would get derailed by things like social events, vacations, or getting sick – something would always cause me to lose my focus and, ultimately, not reach my goal or sustain it.

When I was 23 years old, I was in a motorcycle accident. There was a long recovery period after that. It was then that I gained the most weight, since I was no longer able to be as active as I once was. I have since recovered fully, but the weight never went away.

Adding to that, the career I have can be quite stressful. The schedule is varied and “regular“ meal times just do not exist for me. And exercise was out as well.  If I could not find time to eat well, when would I exercise?

Soon, 40 came around and it caused me to self-asses.  So, once again, I started searching for an answer and a way to finally lose the weight once and for all. At this point I hit 330 lbs.  I had a long look at myself and I decided that “enough was enough”.  I needed to make a change. But how? What would work? I was determined but had no path.

It was then that three friends of mine shared the experience they had with OPTIONS.  They had genuine success on the program. But I have been down this road before. Would this work for me? I was skeptical. I had a lot of weight to lose. My target weight is 200lbs. Could this be the program to get me there?

I came in for a consultation. I was very impressed with the process. The program was explained to me in detail and the science, not the fiction, behind it. What I needed to do was laid out for me and it was up to me to commit and put my trust in the system or not.  The clock is ticking. I am not getting any younger. I decided to give it a shot.

I am so glad that I did.

I am happy to report that as of this writing, I am down 98lbs and closing in on my goal weight of 200lbs.  I must admit, I am very surprised and how well this program works.

Of all the elements of the program that helped me, having the accountability to check in with a real person on a weekly basis seemed to be the biggest motivator to keep the keep me moving forward. That is very powerful.

The technology itself was quite motivating as well. How helpful it was to check in on a scale that tells you more than how much you weigh, but exactly where you’re losing the weight, whether its water or fat or muscle.  That was such an impactful element of the program. In the past, I would get very frustrated when, regardless of the program that I was on, I would never get good feedback as to where the deficiency was.

Last, but not least, the staff at OPTIONS is amazing.  Not only were they able to guide me through this weight loss journey, but they are great motivators.  They really care about my progress.  They continue to reveal so much knowledge to me about proper nutrition, supplementation, exercise, and any other areas that I have questions about.

In the end, I have my life back. I look better. I feel great. My outlook is very positive. I am healthy. I needed to make this change. I did it. And I truly could not have done it without OPTIONS. There is no looking back.