Start Weight: 176.6 lbs

End Weight: 150.1 lbs


Start Body Fat: 42.8%

End Body Fat: 35.6%


Personal Statement:

“I have always been active, and at a healthy, slim, manageable weight until July 2016. I was diagnosed with Stage 3C Breast Cancer which was hormone based at 41 years old. Initially after diagnosis, I lost 25 pounds from stress and fear. I started treatment that include 8 rounds of dense dose chemotherapy/steroids over 4 months, 8 weeks of intense radiation, 4 surgeries and I take a chemo pill daily which completely shuts down my estrogen which also put me in immediate menopause at age 42.

Through all of this I gained 45+ pounds from my goal weight. I was still exercising and eating healthy (or so I thought) and thought for sure the weight would come off. Nope – it didn’t budge. Over the years I’ve tried intermittent fasting, Weight Watchers, NOOM, Paleo and almost starvation – nothing worked.  In fact – the weight kept creeping higher. Finally, in January 2019, I received my blood work and found my cholesterol was dangerously high – I knew I needed help! My issue was a bit more complex because of my menopause and previous history – even my doctors said it would be difficult to lose the fat around my stomach.

I started Options on January 21, 2019 with little to no hope.   But due to this program, I am happy to say my life has changed significantly. I have lost over 30 pounds and feel amazing. I’m single digits away from reaching my long-term goal weight and this is honestly a miracle to me.  Last year at this time I would never have imagined that this was even possible.  After everything that I’ve been through I’m starting to finally feel like my old self again, something I thought I’d lost for good. I would like to thank Options Glenview and April for coaching me and encouraging me that I can and will do this.”