Start weight:  198.1,  34.8%

Final weight:  172,  23.8%

Loss:  26.1lbs, 31.6% of original body fat loss

Personal Statement:

Sept 2012 – That’s the date that I arrived here in America. Other than establishing my life here with my wife and building my career, I wanted to be fit again as I already gained 30 lbs months before I get here. I am not a rookie when it comes to losing weight. It’s not also new to me regaining those weight that I lose along the way.

Losing weight takes a lot of courage, discipline and determination. Working out is not a problem to me. I consider myself competitive when it comes to self-improvement whether it may be into sports or professional career. Struggled in losing weight and hitting my goal since I got here. I tried my best to get under 180lbs to the point of getting into another sport – Triathlon. So I trained, did races and even finished 2 Olympic distances and a Half Ironman last summer 2017. Even though I was able to finish those races, I still struggled to shave some fats off my belly and go under 180lbs. I’d still say 2017 was a great year because of the achievements I made for physical activity. 2018 came with lots of blessing too – Being accepted to be part of Surgical Open-Heart Team and being a 1st time father. The competitive spirit is still there evidenced by accepting the challenge of balancing Nursing Career, Train for Triathlon and being a 1st time Father. Boy that was tough. Had a hard time balancing career, hobbies and daddy duties. Stress was just too much that I ended up finding comfort with food. My choice of comfort foods are not the best there is if you’re planning to stay healthy. Everything went downhill slowly. My triathlon training went downhill as i had no enough time to train, Work became an unpleasant part of the day to the point where every day was just a dragging activity and time with my baby is next to nothing. this became a turning point. I decided to hit the scale and see where I am at and low and behold, 205lbs. My wife witnessed how I became miserable, so she introduced me to Options medical weight loss. I was just sceptic at first and let her do it first. 2 months after she enrolled, I witnessed her progress, so I told her that I’m already considering joining her. I guess it was just the right time because the day I told her about my intention of joining, Weight loss challenge was just about to start. Signed up right away, got measured, went through the rules and process with Becca, Cathy and Kaytee.

It was intimidating at first, but they were very helpful and approachable. They really make sure you have all the tools you need to get to your goal. Kaytee was very informative. She helped me get all the programs available to choose from so I can see what really fits my lifestyle. Cathy monitored my health status by making sure that my labs, vital signs are all good during the process. Becca, she guided me all throughout the process. She set all the meal programs that I need to follow according to my daily activity making sure that i stay in shape for work, training and still have time for my family. She introduced me all the right products that will help me to stay focus with my goal. Becca even made herself available during our vacations and helped me with my food choices wherever we go to – talk about dedication. With all their effort, I was able to keep my focus on my goal. Weekly weigh in became so exciting each week as we all witness the progress. They gave me no excuse to slack around and it was a good motivation for me to keep on going. Their whole team was there for me all the way making it possible for me to go 170 lbs and performing a lot better at work, Triathlon training and having more energy for my family.

This is more than me to win the weight loss challenge – Its more of reclaiming my life again. Happy and Healthy

Options Medical Weight Loss: Team Glenview – I can’t thank you enough for all the efforts you’ve made for me to be where I am today. You are all amazing!

More Power to your Team!