Total Weight Loss: 38 lbs

BF% Variance: 17%

November 24th 2017 is one of the days I took a best decision in my life and I will remember it forever. I work at a job where I’m the only woman and the amount of insecurity I felt everyday due to my weight was growing on me. On November 23rd I still remember I was at my lowest point and I took the decision of searching some clinic or dietitian that will change my life. There it was the first search on google was ‘Options Medical Weight Loss’, I hadn’t gone through the entire website but yet somehow got this feeling that I should go and give it a try.

Christina was the first person I met at the clinic and I put my heart out to her without any hesitation and she made me feel so comfortable and talked to me as a friend and brought hope within me that I too can change my life and look my best. On the same day I joined the program and ever since then it has been the best 3 months of my life. Thank you Christina for helping me take this decision and for that beautiful smile you always have on your face in welcoming me J.

KelliAnn you have been such a great motivator throughout my journey , if there is anyone whom I would give the entire credit it would be you. I have gone through ups and downs in these months but yet you always motivated me with your kindness and knowledge. You are the best in what you do and I’m lucky and grateful to have been your client. I have learnt so much from you. Thank you for being a great teacher and a kind friend J. I will definitely cook my tofu curry for you before I leave J.

Each and everyone whom I met were very helpful and so sweet. All of you are making a great difference in all of our lives which is so much beyond what we can express. Thank you to all for this journey that has given me everything that I was hoping to achieve and overcome my insecurities. I get up everyday with happiness, health, confidence and motivated and it is all because of you.

You guys are the best!!! Keep up the great work J.