For a lot of people, one of the hardest things to do when starting a new diet or trying to lose weight is cutting back on some of their favorite foods. People think that when they start a new diet it is strictly some plain chicken and veggies for the rest of their life (oh no!). But that’s not the case! And if your located in the Brandon, FL Options area, we’ve gathered a list of some of their favorite restaurants and healthy options you can choose from.

Brandon, Florida’s Best Choices for Takeout Meals

Healthy Meals at Chipotle

If you’re feeling Mexican food, but can’t find anything healthy on the menu, try running to Chipotle! Chipotle makes burritos, bowls, and salad bowls right in front of you, and has some great options if you are trying to stay healthy. While you can easily get out of hand with toppings that add extra calories, make sure you pull back a little and make smart choices. Here is what our Brandon, FL weight loss clinic recommends when stopping by for food.

Chipotle Bowl

  • Cauliflower Rice or Salad Bowl

Choosing Cauliflower rice or a salad bowl is a great way to cut back on unnecessary carbs.

  • Choice of protein

Chicken and steak are great options if you want high amounts of protein in your bowl. You can also check on Chipotle’s website to see nutritional facts about each protein option.

  • Veggies

This is an easy choice! Mixing veggies in your meal is a great way to incorporate in your diet, especially if you aren’t a big fan of vegetables by themselves.

  • Guacamole

Avocados have what’s called monosaturated fat, which help boost brain function and health. So, adding the guacamole to your meal is a smart choice.

There you have it! There is your burrito or salad bowl from Chipotle. When we tell you that you don’t need to cut out your favorite foods when on a diet, this is what we mean. You can still enjoy a night of eating out without feeling guilty. And with a few different locations, including the Westfield Brandon Shopping Mall and one off of E Bloomington Ave, you can easily access their locations.

Bolay Kitchen in Brandon Florida

If you aren’t from Florida, chances are you haven’t heard of Bolay Kitchen. They are a great option to keep in mind when you are looking for a healthy take-out meal. Bolay kitchen believes in excellent food for fueling active bodies and creating amazing lifestyles!

There are tons of great options when scanning their menu, but our Brandon, FL recommends building your own bowl. Begin by grabbing base of delicious veggies. Options like baby spinach or kale are great ways to start off your bowl. From there, you can choose your favorite protein. This includes options like steak, chicken, shrimp, and even tofu. Lastly, we recommend throwing some avocado on top to get those monosaturated fats like we talked about with the Chipotle bowl.

Even though this is just a suggestion, there are plenty of other great mixes you can make when visiting Bolay Kitchen. Find what works for you, and always remember that most restaurants keep nutritional facts on their site! If you aren’t sure if you should be eating it or are looking to make healthier options, checking out the nutritional facts is a great start.

Moe’s Southwest Grill

If you’re looking for a family friendly restaurant where you can still watch your diet and enjoy a great meal, Moe’s Southwest Grill is another great spot. With three different locations in Brandon, FL, you can easily make the short drive. One of their locations is even right next to our Brandon, FL weight loss facility, and it is an easy stop if you’ve plan on traveling to our office.

The Moe’s Southwest Grill in Regency Square boasts an expansive menu, and on their website they even talk about all the diet friendly options they have! Weather you are on the paleo diet, vegan, or vegetarian, there is an option for you.

When our Brandon office orders from Moe’s, one of their favorite dishes are their bowls. When looking to get something on the lighter side, we recommend getting a bowl with no rice, to avoid high carbs, a protein like chicken, steak, or tofu, and then adding veggies and guacamole to round it out!

Final Thoughts on Eating Out with Brandon, FL Weight Loss Clinic

We hope that this goes to show you that being on a diet and losing weight doesn’t have to be boring. We don’t recommend getting these dishes or eating out every night, but its okay to spoil yourself while not derailing your progress. If we didn’t mention one of your favorite restaurants, you can still apply some of the things we read about to different menus.

  • Avoid foods high in carbs

A lot of the menu items we talked about avoid things like rice, wraps, or potatoes. If there is an option that is lower in carbs, you may want to think about substituting it. If there isn’t, just get your meal without it!

  • It’s okay to include healthy fats

In all the meals we discussed, we talked about adding avocado or guacamole. This is because they are packed full of healthy, monosaturated fat. Peanuts are also another option if you don’t like avocado.

  • Enjoy your meal with protein

Stick to the basics of your diet and get something that has protein. Protein offers so many benefits when trying to lose weight and getting your meal without it may cause you to feel hungrier when you’re done.

If you have any questions on anything you are eating, you can always reach out to one of our weight loss experts to get more information. Options Medical Weight Loss is here with you for every step of your weight loss journey, and you can feel confident we will help guide you in the right direction.