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At Options Medical Weight Loss, we strive to find the latest and greatest ways to lose weight. With so many new weight loss plans, it’s hard to keep track and find the best plan for you. Thankfully, there is a diet plan that can reset your metabolism and raise your energy levels. The HCG diet is based on a medically injected hormone combined with a strict low calorie diet.

The HCG hormone is found in pregnant women in their first trimester so it is a naturally secreted hormone. The hormone resets the hypothalamus gland, which controls hunger pains. Sometimes our hypothalamus glands can be broken or dysfunctional. This causes overeating and a slow metabolism. By resetting this gland, we can reset our metabolisms to work faster and more efficiently.

Just about everything the hypothalamus gland is in charge of has to do with food and weight regulation. So when it no longer functions properly, we find ourselves eating too often and gaining weight. The HCG diet starts off with hormone injections into the bloodstream. After you’ve started injections, you will begin a strict lower calorie diet (under 500 a day). This diet will include one lean protein, one vegetable, one fruit, and one bread.

62 years ago the original diet plan was published by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons. This diet had a very strict list of foods, and in 2016 Options Medical Weight Loss realized how rigid the food list was. Flavor and convenience was lacking in the original food list, so we worked thoroughly to fix and expand the original plan. Now not only do we provide a food list, but we also offer new recipes and easy grocery shopping options.

Now that we’ve discussed the foundation of the diet plan, you might still have some questions. Thankfully we have collected a few frequently asked questions and have the answers for each one.

Is the HCG Diet Plan dangerous?

No, it is completely safe under medical supervision and following the right plan.

Is the HCG Diet good for men?

As long as you are ready to follow the plan provided to you, it is good for both men and women.

Will you ship me the HCG injections?

There are certainly websites where a patient can purchase the injections. However, the problem is that many have realized that fake injections circulate the internet as a scam. The only way to ensure a true and valid injection requires an in person purchase at a certified clinic.

As a vegetarian, will I be able to follow the HCG Diet?

With lots of care and consultations, our staff will be able to give you a diet that fits your needs.

Our professionals here at Options Medical Weight Loss know that this article is just the first step on your path to the HCG Diet. So if you have any additional questions, our facebook page is open for you to submit those questions or concerns. If you are ready to start this new diet, contact us today to schedule a free consultation.